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Romuald Cohana


Romuald Cohana has been practicing litigation since 1998.

After practicing at the Paris offices of two leading US law firms, he co-founded the business law firm Fuchs Cohana Reboul & Associés.

Romuald has a pragmatic approach to disputes: litigation is bad news for all parties and 80% of them are the product of a misunderstanding.

This is the source of his attachment to ADR and the systematic advice he gives his clients in a confidential attempt to resolve the dispute amicably so as to avoid lengthy, costly and randomproceedings.

No proceedings are won or lost in advance.

When the case is suitable, summary proceedings – even if these are by their nature risky – can provoke a discussion for an agreement at a cost or to deadlines that are much more reasonable than main proceedings on the merits.

Romuald Cohana, like the other SHARP lawyers, has a global vision of the case and this vision is not limitedjust to the legal or judicial aspects but also the corporate image, reputation and the consequences of the case in purely “business” terms.

Romuald Cohana was admitted to the Paris bar in 1999 and has been a member of the French Committee of the ICC since 2013.

Working languages: French, English.