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Corporate disputes

A large part of SHARP’S activity is dedicated to shareholders and post-acquisition litigation such as:

  • Executing shareholders’ agreements;
  • Implementingasset and liability guarantees;
  • Disputes related to supplementary pricing;
  • Challenging a disposal of companies on the grounds of fraud;
  • Forced execution of sell orders for shares or interests;
  • Corporate (utsinguli) actions;
  • Liability actions against ipso jure or de facto shareholders and directors;
  • Negotiations concerning the starting or recruiting conditions for directors and executive directors (CEO’s, general managers).

SHARP also has specialist experience in the field of family disputes, where members of the same family are also shareholders in a civil or commercial company.

SHARP has gained expertise in managing the family aspect of the case by never losing sight of the fact that this is a dispute between partners in business, but at the same time remembering that the partners are also relatives.